How to apply CLI/CLD based routing

General info

By default Sippy Softswitch allows applying only one tariff to an account. This tariff is called as "Default" in the examples below. However, sometimes a question appears how to configure and use different prices and even different routing based on CLI (i.e. ANI based routing) or CLD (prefix based routing). A configuration of these two solutions is shown below. 

How to setup ANI/CLI based routing


  • if ANI starts with 123, then apply Premium prices and route call to a carrier with Premium quality;
  • if ANI starts with 456, then apply Gold prices and route call to a carrier with Gold quality;
  • in other cases, use default prices and routes.

The setup assumes that you already have an account which has assigned:

  1. Default Tariff (i.e. default service plan) with default prices;
  2. Default Routing Group with default routes.

(if you don't, please refer to the Basic setup checklist)

First of all, you need to open Authentication Rules for the needed account using popup menu:

Next, click Add button and define the options of a new authentication rule as below: