Configuring PayPal 'Direct Payment' Payment Processor

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In order to set up PayPal Direct Payment payment processor, PayPal merchant account owner should request special login/password and certificate via PayPal interface. username/password SHOULD NOT be used for setting up PayPal Direct Payment payment processor, as they won't work.

In addition, unlike with PayPal Express Checkout, there is approval process that has to be completed before the account can be used. More details are available  here .

Once the use of PayPal Direct Payment has been approved, username/password/certificate can be obtained as specified below.

  1. Follow instructions in Configuring PayPal EC Payment Processor  to obtain API Username, API Password and download certificate.
  2. Select Payment Processors->Add in the Switch, chose PayPal DP as a Payment Gateway.
  3. Use username/password/certificate saved on step above to set up PayPal DP payment processor in the Switch.