What is the purpose of this feature?

"Registrations" feature allows to keep connection registered on the vendor end. In other words, it is a possibility to register Sippy Environment on account of your vendor as device/UA. The main purpose of this action is connected with impossibility of some vendors to pass traffic through the unregistered SIP Account on their end.

For example: 

  • if DID provider requires UA registration for end point device;
  • if customer uses some external PBX, and wants to configure it to work with Sippy;

What should be done in the Sippy SoftSwitch to configure registration properly?

1. Create the appropriate Vendor & Connection;

2. Specify Username/Password in the connection properties for the digest authorization;

3. Open "Registrations" page;
4. Click Add button;
5. Specify in the new "Registration" your Vendor & Connection that was created above;

Fields description:

  • Name - name of carrier;
  • Description - some notes for the new entry;
  • Vendor - vendor which is going to be associated with the registration;
  • Contact - username from connection and IP of Sippy system, e.g : sip:login@;
  • Domain - sip address (IP or domain name) of the vendor;
  • Connection - connection that is associated with this registration;
  • Username - username from connection;

How much time does it take to get my connection registered?

Expiry of the registration : 180 seconds (hard-coded)

How to identify that registration was made successfully?

When you see a green lamp instead of yellow, then it means that your registration has been successfully established:

In case of red lamp, please check if your credentials in the connection properties are correct.