Customers are logical entities in the system usually representing some termination partners, resellers of a service, or a virtual Customer for keeping track of pre-paid cards distributed by the company. A Customer can have several Accounts associated with it. These Accounts may represent individual users of a product, such as pre-paid cards, or may identify different SIP UAs (e.g. phones or individual ports in multi-port devices) belonging to the same Customer. 

Customers are organized hierarchically so that one customer may “own” one or more sub-customers. 

There are two basic types of customers: Root Customer and all other customers. They differ by the fact that Root Customer doesn't have any other upper-level Customers who “owns” him. For that reason, Root Customer either directly or via his sub-customers bills other customers in the system. It usually represents owner of the switch. Unlike any other Customer in the system the Root Customer isn’t billed for the calls his accounts or sub-customers make. Also, by default only Root Customer has a right to view and/or modify system-wide parameters, such as for example routing configuration, though he/she can delegate some of those rights to selected sub-Customers via Permissions. 

Customer could be, for example, a company with an account for each employee. The company will be invoiced for all usage, and the Softswitch will charge the company for the total, but the company will be able to see details of the usage for each account and bill them if necessary. 

The following figure illustrates this concept:

Here you can see the system with 5 Customers, and 3 hierarchy levels. It should be noted that the system doesn’t allow a Customer to see any other customers above it, so that there is no way that the Customer D for example will be able to tell that there are some other levels above the Customer A.

Adding, Updating, and Deleting a Customer.

On the Customer page (shown below), you can add a new Customer, update existing Customers, or delete an existing Customer.

Add New Customer

To add a new Customer, you'll need to have the tariff created first, then under the Add Customer section, select Add.

The Add New Customer window is shown below.

To Add a New Customer, enter your Customer's details. For this example, our Customer's name is "New Customer"

Select the Tariff that you will be assigning to your Customer from the drop down box. Tariffs can be created and adjusted through the Tariffs tab under Tariffs and Currencies on your root Customer Menu on your Sippy Switch.

Next select a Time Zone for the location of your Customer. A list of Time Zones can be found in the Time Zone link on your Sippy Helpdesk.
Set Web Login and Web Password details for your Customer. The Customer will have access to their own Web Interface, to view Call Record details, create their own Customers and Accounts, and setup their own rates. This will entitle them to become a Root Customer as described in the 'Customers Overview illustration' above.

Select a Language from the drop down box for your Customer. Setting the language of the Customer will set most of the Customer's web interface Menu options, and reporting to their desired Language. 

Enter Balance and Credit Limit details for your Customer.
When you are done, select Save & Close.

 The Customer you just added is now listed on the Customers page as shown below.

Note that the Balance and Credit limit are displayed in USD as standard, and are calculated according to your current Exchange Rates. Exchange Rates can be adjusted and added under the Exchange Rates tab, found under the Tariffs and Currencies heading on your Customer Menu.

Updating an Existing Customer

To update an existing Customer, under the table of Customers, locate the Customer you wish to update.

Update details as required and Save and Close. Adjust Customer window is shown below.

Note that the Customer's Balance cannot be adjusted from this screen. This can be done through the Maintenance option at the bottom of the Customer adjust screen as shown below.

The Maintenance option entitles you to Debit, Credit or Add Funds to your Customer's account. Select the Actiondrop down box and select desired Action.Enter the Amount and associated transaction Notes by which you wish to apply to your Customer's account.

A choice of Currency for the transaction is given in the drop down box, according to the Exchange Rates you have set in your Sippy Softswitch.

Select Save and Close to perform the transaction on your Customer's Account.

Deleting an Existing Customer

To Delete an existing Customer, under the table of Customers, locate the Customer you wish to delete. On the row associated with that Customer, select the image of a red cross under the Action column. The Customer has now been deleted, and you are returned to the Customers page.