CSS Branding for Customers

It is possible to change CSS style for sub-accounts, owned by different customers.So accounts will see the difference in colors and style between different resellers. CSS stylesheet code can be configured in "CSS" field for customer. The stylesheet should override definitions in Sippy default CSS style (/styles.css)

The same can be done for login screen (when the user has not yet signed in, so we don't know the reseller yet), in this case you should have DNS configured for different Customers. For example you have 2 Customers, that should have different style, your actions are:

  • configure DNS record, for example reseller1.somedomain.com to point to your Sippy IP address.
  • configure DNS record, for example reseller2.somedomain.com to point to your Sippy IP address. 
  • open Customers page, navigate to needed Customer, in its Advanced Parameters open Customer Mods.
  • configure CSS styles and DNS aliases for customers accordingly.

Examples of CSS


Sippy switch 2.2